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Top 5 Places Where Hotel Room Germs Hide

It is frightening to think about the places where hotel room germs hide. It is enough to make you want to sleep in your car at a Walmart parking lot rather than book a room while traveling.

1. TV Remote Control

hotel TV Remote Control

There are plenty of hotel room germs on a TV remote control. The housekeeper usually does not clean this item. Microbiologists have taken samples from TV remote controls in hotel rooms and have found that they have high levels of bacterial contamination.

If you are worried, take your own sanitary wipes and clean the remote before you turn on the television.


2. Bedspreads

hotel Bedspreads

Hotel room germs are all over that comfy bedspread that you are tempted to lay on. It is rarely washed like the sheets are after each guest leaves. Who knows what and who has been on top of it.

Bedbugs could be hanging out there. If you want to avoid any contamination, take off the top comforter and use only the sheets and blankets.


3. Light Switches

hotel Light Switches

Hotel room germs cover the light switches. This is another one of those places that the housekeeper does not clean.

People walk into the room and the first thing that they do is flip the switch. They do not stop to wash their hands before they do it. If you turn the light on the first thing upon entering a hotel room, quickly go wash your hands.


4. Telephone

hotel Telephone

Hotel room germs lurk all over the telephone. The person who used it before you could have been sick or neglected to wash their hands.

Because the telephone is not on the housekeeper’s cleaning list, you will need those anti-bacterial wipes to wipe it down before you use it.


5. Carpet


Hotel room germs are on the carpet. Even though it is vacuumed after each use, it is not sanitized. It would be best to avoid going barefoot.

Take a pair of socks or flip flops when walking around in the room. Use the flip flops when taking a shower just to be on the safe side. Many of the hotel room cleaning supplies on housekeeping carts are contaminated with bacteria.


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