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Backpacker Travel Insurance

Backpacker travel insurance is used by international travelers to insure against travel emergencies and delays. These insurance policies are generally developed for vacationers who plan to trek through challenging landscapes, across numerous countries and engage exotic cultures.

Backpackers insurance provides a peace of mind for these “no frill” travelers who tend to vacation for longer time periods.

Backpacker Travel Insurance


Medical Coverage

Emergency medical expense coverage is a major consideration for travelers under these policies. This is particularly important for students and adventure travelers trekking less-traveled roads and budgeting with mixtures of low-cost hotel, hostel and campsite accommodations that generally creates greater risk exposure.



If a travel departure is delayed, travel delay coverage compensates the traveler for associated expenses. This generally includes matters associated with transportation delays. Make sure that you’re clear about what constitutes a covered delay under the particular policy’s provisions.



Lost and stolen travel bags are covered under baggage or possession coverage. Ask the insurance agent if this includes the administrative costs associated with recovering a stolen passport, traveler’s checks and cash contained in lost or stolen baggage. If so, clearly understand the policy limits.


Personal Liability

If you unintentionally hurt another individual during the course of your travels, personal liability coverage will cover associated costs. This may be an option available under a backpacker insurance policy.



Travel may require cancellation for work-related reasons, the most common of which is a layoff. Coverage may be an option under backpacker travel insurance. As with all other provisions, comparison shop and note coverage limitations and exclusions.



Extreme sports such as scuba diving, bungee jumping and the assortment of extreme winter sports engaged in while on vacation may be covered by a backpacker’s insurance policy. If an emergency rescue is required, associated costs, such as helicopter pick-up, may be included in the insurance policy’s coverage.



Some backpacker travel insurance policies will cover children under the age of 18 for free when the minor travels with an insured parent. For family vacations, this can be a big savings. Check for details when comparing policies.


Trip Cancellation

A travel trip may require cancellation or delay for a variety of reasons. The option to cancel a trip for any reason may be available for an additional cost.


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