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How to Make an Email Stand Out

Writing an email which will stand out in a busy inbox can require significant thought and creativity. Fear that the message will be ignored can lead to severe writer’s block or simply tapping out a formulaic greeting.

Include a descriptive subject line that can aid the recipient in addressing the contents, and prevent the message from being inadvertently ignored. Carefully consider the connotations of statements and word choice when sending an email, as typed messages lack context and can easily be misunderstood.


4 Steps do I Make My Email Stand Out?

Email Stand Out


1. Include a well-written, descriptive subject line which concisely states the content of the message.

Avoid generic phrases or greetings which can cause the email to be overlooked or lost. Apply similar thought to naming attachments.


2. Write concisely, quickly introducing the purpose of the email in the first few lines.

It is important to ensure all necessary details are included, but avoid confusing or long-winded introductions. Organize information creatively by using lists or bullet points.


3. Save the draft in order to edit the message carefully before sending.

In addition to checking spelling and grammar, avoid abbreviations and slang. While a sense of humor can be acceptable and even desirable in electronic communications, use caution when including sarcasm or other material that could be misconstrued as rude or offensive.


4. View an email signature as a virtual business or calling card.

Dedicate effort into creating a visually-appealing email signature which summarizes accomplishments, affiliations and interests. Include alternative contact information for the convenience of the email recipient.


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