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How to Reach the Government on HH Bonds

The U.S. government issues many different types of bonds. Unlike stocks and corporate bonds, Treasury bonds and savings bonds are backed by the full faith, credit and taxing power of the U.S. government, making them the closest thing to a sure bet in the world of investing.

There are many different savings bonds, including the HH series of bonds. These bonds were purchased at face value, and they pay interest on a regular basis.


Things You’ll Need

  • HH bonds
  • Investment statements
  • Internet access


4 Steps to Reach the Government on HH Bonds

HH Bonds


1. Log on to the Internet and to go Treasurydirect.gov.

This website contains a wealth of information about all types of U.S. government bonds, including series HH savings bonds.


2. Log on to your Treasurydirect account if you already have one, or create your own account on the website.

You will need to have some basic information available, including your Social Security number, before you get started.


3. Enter the information from your paper bonds into the website.

You will need the number printed on the front of the bond if you have paper bonds, or the number from the bonds if you purchased your bonds through a bank or broker.


4. Check the bond information and values listed on Treasurydirect.gov.

Or contact the Treasury Department at 800-722-2678. The representative you speak to will need to verify your personal information, so be sure to have that information available.


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