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How to Tie a Sarong

Make a splash next time you hit the beach elegantly wrapped in a colorful sarong. It’s the ultimate cover-up and can double as a towel or beach blanket.


How to Tie a Sarong


How to Tie Skirt

1. Step in front of your sarong.

2. Pull the ends evenly forward and let the fabric sit on your waist. If you have a fringed sarong, let the unfringed end be the one you pull around your waist.

3. Tie ends around your waist and secure a knot on your hip.


How to Wrap Skirt

1. Put on your two-piece swimsuit.

2. Wrap sarong evenly around your waist, pulling the ends forward. If you have a fringed sarong, let the unfringed end be the one you pull around your waist.

3. Tuck one end into your bathing suit bottom at the opposite hip. Secure with a pin if the elastic of your suit or string of your bikini is not enough to hold fabric.

4. Bring free end to the other hip, smoothing the fabric flat across your belly. Hold the fabric with one hand and begin to fold a few inches past your belly button.

5. Make three pleats starting at four inches in length and decreasing to two inches.

6. Fold pleated end into waistband.


How to Halter Dress

1. Pull the ends of the sarong forward so that the material lies flat across your upper back. Keep ends even in length.

2. Gather ends and tie once across your bust. Pull gently to secure.

3. Bring ends up and over your shoulders.

4. Tie behind your neck. Knot once if desired.


Tips and Warnings

  • Practice this a few times before heading to the beach, as it may take some time to get a balanced look.
  • Create this same look by wearing a pair of stretch workout shorts over a one-piece suit. Tuck sarong into waistband of shorts as you would tuck it into a swimsuit bottom.

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