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HVAC Research Paper Topics

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are the climate control systems used to keep occupants comfortable by regulating the air flow and temperature within a building.

These systems consume a large amount of energy and affect the health of occupants, making research on the best energy efficiency practices for HVAC systems an important research topic.


Analysis of Predictive Maintencance of HVAC Systems

One idea for a research paper topic is to explore the importance of predictive maintenance of HVAC systems. Predictive maintenance is also known as condition monitoring and focuses on the cooling equipment of the HVAC system.

This research would be important in identifying the effect predictive maintenance has on the functionality of the equipment as well as the customer’s bottom line.


Research Paper Topics


HVAC Safety Analysis

Another research paper topic would be to investigate the safety concerns associated with HVAC systems. You could research the topic from the angle of keeping people in the building safe from potential harm caused by HVAC systems or from the safety perspective of workers who operate HVAC systems.

This topic is especially important to HVAC companies, as unsafe conditions could lead to potential lawsuits, which could cost the business millions of dollars.


Effect of Underfloor Air Distribution

Underfloor air distribution is a new technology with many aspects yet to be explored. A research paper that explores the best designed UFAD system is an option for a research paper.

Another paper topic would be to present a cost analysis and compare the cost to traditional HVAC systems. These studies could examine current practices within the industry, design trends and examples of how this technology is being used successfully.


HVAC Monitoring Strategies

Another research paper could be to evaluate the different monitoring strategies employed by building managers to keep their electricity bills in check. Some building managers lean more toward behavior modification strategies, such as internal campaigns, to encourage employees in a building to turn off lights and self-monitor their own electricity usage.

Managers use email reminders, contests and challenges for employees who save energy and then remove unnecessary devices that are energy hogs, such as small, personal refrigerators. Others employ automated systems that turn lights on and off according to a computerized schedule.


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