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Self Confidence Tips

Self confidence is an important quality that helps people believe they can succeed at their efforts in life. A healthy level of confidence helps to strengthen self-esteem and facilitate a healthy mindset.

While not everyone has self confidence, this quality can be built and strengthened through a conscious effort. By taking time to analyze your weaknesses, positively restructure your thinking and conquer your fears, you can build your confidence and raise your sense of worth.

Self Confidence Tips


Analyze Your Insecurities

Though it may not be easy, take an honest look inward and identify your insecurities or shortcomings. These qualities hinder the development of self-confidence if they linger unchecked. Make a list and write down each of your insecurities. It may be difficult, but try saying each one out loud as well. By doing so, you will become more comfortable with your insecurities and be able to work toward letting each one go.

By identifying the factors that are hindering your self-confidence, you can begin working on accepting each quality individually. For example, if acne or a weight problem is weighing negatively on your self-confidence, accept these qualities as who you are and remind yourself that no one is perfect.

You can also work on improving or fixing what you feel are your less-than-desirable qualities. Becoming comfortable and content with yourself will dramatically increase your self-confidence.


Think Positively

Once you have focused on and identified your insecurities, create a list of your positive qualities, strengths, talents and achievements. Remember that you are responsible for these good things and allow yourself to accept credit for each of them.

You must also allow yourself to be proud of your accomplishments. Be thankful for the positive qualities you already possess, rather than wish you had other talents or qualities. Review your list of strengths and accomplishments and focus on these positive assets to boost your self-confidence. Think positively about yourself. A negative self-image breeds low self-confidence. Believe in your ability to accomplish your tasks and goals.


Conquer Your Fears

If fears or anxiety about a certain task or experience are bringing down your self-confidence, you can confront those fears by attempting to accomplish the very thing you are afraid of.

By attempting something that you are normally afraid of or feel you are not good at, you may find that the task is something you are actually comfortable with. The fear that is holding back your self-confidence can only be removed if you confront it directly. Multiple attempts at something you are normally afraid of, such as public speaking, can make dramatically lessen the anxiety you feel over the task. Each time you confront your fear, you will become more confident with yourself.


Accept the Possibility of Failure

By coming to terms with the possibility of failure, the thought of failing will no longer lower your self-confidence. You must accept that failure is an unavoidable part of life and something that everyone experiences. You must also understand that no one can succeed at everything. If you fail at something, you can learn from the experience and try again.


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