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Vuze Wireless Failure

You may experience problems while using the Vuze BitTorrent client over your wireless Internet connection. You may run into slow upload and download speeds, or an inability to connect at all.

This is more likely with wireless connections, as wireless connections are more likely to fluctuate in quality.

Vuze Wireless Failure


Vuze Settings

Before attempting to fix your wireless connection, make sure that the problem isn’t with Vuze itself. Run Vuze. Open the “Tools” drop-down menu at the top of the screen and click “Options.”

Click the arrow next to “Connection” on the left side of the screen. Set the TCP/UDP listen port. If you’re not sure what port to use, click the “Good port choices” link. Check your Proxy Settings. If you aren’t planning on running a proxy, you won’t have to worry about this.

Select “Advanced Network Settings.” Keep in mind that proxy settings and Advanced Network Settings can only be accessed in Advanced mode or higher. Change modes by clicking “Mode” on the left side of the window and selecting “Advanced.”


Wireless Issues

One way to quickly determine if the problem is your wireless connection is to connect your computer to your router using an Ethernet cable. If Vuze works fine when plugged in, then the problem is probably with your wireless signal.

Vuze is more likely than other programs — such as a Web browser — to work improperly when using a poor-quality wireless connection. You need a steady, relatively strong wireless connection for Vuze to function properly. Try moving your computer closer to your wireless router. You can also try turning the wireless router off and then turning it back on again.


Internet Problem

The issue may not be with your wireless signal, but with your Internet connection. Open up your Internet browser and attempt to connect to a reliable website, such as Google. If you can’t connect, chances are that your Internet connection is down.

Try restarting your modem, and make sure that you have entered the correct password to get online if your Internet connection is password protected. If this doesn’t help, you will need to contact your Internet service provider.


Computer Settings

If your computer is blocking Vuze’s access to the Internet, it doesn’t matter how strong your wireless signal is. Make sure that your computer’s firewall, or any other security programs, are not blocking Vuze. You may need to add Vuze to an “exception” list in your firewall program, which will allow Vuze to go online.


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