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What Is Better: Saltwater Pool or Chlorine Pool?

If you have a swimming pool at home you must keep it chlorinated for sanitation, as this prevents the growth of bacteria. However, it is possible to use salt instead of store-bought chlorine, as salt produces chlorine naturally.

Saltwater Pool or Chlorine Pool



Store-bought chlorine can sometimes cause skin irritations, red eyes, and allergic reactions, which are less likely to occur with a saltwater pool.


Cosmetic Effects

Anyone with blond or light red hair has experienced having his hair turn green after swimming in a chlorinated pool. With saltwater this does not happen.


Environmental Impact

Some people believe saltwater pools are more environmentally friendly, since fewer artificial chemicals are needed to maintain them.


Wear and Tear

Saltwater is harsher on the infrastructure of the pool and equipment than traditional chlorination. Thus repairs and replacement of parts will probably be more frequent.



Saltwater is considered by many to have a more pleasant, more natural aroma compared to the chemical smell of store-bought chlorine.


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