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About Adaptive Furniture for the Disabled

If you or your child is disabled, you may have wondered about adaptive furniture for the disabled. In the last few decades, many advances have been made that allow caregivers to help disabled children or the elderly comfortably at home.


Adaptive Furniture


The Facts

Adaptive furniture is not cheap, but the value it holds in changing a disabled child’s or adult’s life is incomparable. There are many areas of life that can be challenging and or near impossible without the aid of adaptive furniture.

Lift chairs, adaptive bath furniture and changing tables can improve the lives of those who suffer from disabilities, as well as their caregivers.



For older people who suffer from arthritis or other chronic, debilitating diseases, special chairs in the living room are excellent as they electronically lift a person into a standing position, relieving the stress on their joints.

These features are also found in many toilet seats and bench seats for the shower or bathtub. For adults who need aid with their disabled child, dressing tables that rise and lower are excellent tools.



The size of adaptive furniture for adults is the same as a regular armchair or commode, except for a bulkier base as the motor must be placed into the electrical area. Bathroom and shower benches can be purchased in different sizes that are tailored to an individual’s needs.

Dressing tables for children also come in a variety of sizes and lengths, and some are adjustable as well, depending on the amount of your initial investment.



Your adaptive furniture allows you to partake in all the activities you enjoyed before becoming disabled. It also lets children experience the same things as other youngsters. Adaptive furniture helps simplify your life and relieves tension on your joints.



Adaptive furniture has come a long way in the last 20 years as technology increases and more care is provided to the elderly and disabled children. In the past, both the elderly and disabled children were often placed in homes because people considered them a burden.

Now, with a more accepting society, and the rising costs of health care, people are choosing to take care of those with disabilities at home with the help of adaptive furniture.


Expert Insight

For a nice site that provides plenty of pictures of lift chairs, bathroom equipment and medical chairs, visit Lift Chairs 101. You can see everything adaptive furniture has to offer

For parents with disabled children, the Morgan Project is dedicated to helping secure grants and assisting in the reuse of adaptive furniture.


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