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ADF Lamp Failure

ADF stands for automatic document feeder. This is the component on scanners and copiers that can cycle in multiple pages of a document and cycle them back out again without being hand-fed each page individually.

It can save a lot of time at the office, but the system still depends on what is know as an exposure lamp, the bright lamp that the machines use to scan the details of the page. These lamps can malfunction and fail, requiring repairs to work properly again.

ADF Lamp Failure


Resetting System

If the lamp is not operating at all, it may not be receiving the proper signal when the copier or scanner starts to work. Sometimes this is caused by internal read errors and can be fixed by resetting the system entirely.

Turn the system off and wait for 30 seconds before plugging it back in and turning it back on again. Plug it directly into an outlet for the second time, and see if the bulb lights. You may need to unplug a separate ADF cable connected to the unit as well.


Exposure Lamp Burnout

If resetting the lamp did not solve any problems, the lamp could have burnt out, possibly because of a sudden failure or frequent use that finally rendered the lamp inoperable. When this occurs, you need to replace the lamp. This usually means calling in a repairman. ADF lamps are buried deep within their units and require significant disassembly to break apart.


Exposure Lamp Problems

If you noticed that the lamp is too dark to properly illuminate the pages you are scanning but has not burnt out completely yet, take this time to call a professional early.

A dim lamp is a sign that the bulb is starting to fail and needs to be replaced. If the lamp flickers or turns off and then on again, the problem could instead be a wiring issue that needs to be resolved in the same manner.


Power Inverter

The power inverter takes the incoming current and changes it into a cycle that the ADF lamp can use. When you replace the bulb in the unit, you are not replacing the power inverter. If multiple bulbs fail in your device, this may be a sign that the inverter is having problems instead of the bulb. A professional should be able to narrow down the problem if multiple lamps are failing.


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