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Boston Terrier Training Guide

The Boston Terrier is a wonderful companion dog. Although originally bred in the 19th century for fighting, this dog was bred down to the wonderful breed we see today. This dog loves being part of the family, being the most content when offered love and affection.

The Boston Terrier is not only excellent with adults but also with children and other family pets. Because this breed is so smart and willing to please, boston terrier training is typically fun and easy. Remember, the Boston Terrier is smart and enthusiastic. Because of this desire to please, you should have little difficulty with training.

Boston Terrier Training Guide


Boston Terrier Training Guide

If you purchase your Boston Terrier as a puppy, it is important that you begin early socialization, which means providing tons of love, affection, and discipline. The key with any puppy is to make it feel safe, loved, and secure. With any type of training, it is important that you choose words for both discipline and praise. For instance, you may want to use something simple such as “No” for discipline and “Good boy/girl” for praise.

For potty training your Boston Terrier, we suggest you use crate training, which is typically very successful. Just provide the dog with a comfortable blanket and place the crate where it will not be too hot or cold. You want the crate to be a place of security where the puppy will learn it cannot go potty while in the crate. For this, you must make sure you take the dog out right before going to bed and first thing in the morning. In addition, chances are for a few weeks to months, your dog will want to go out in the middle of the night. While a hassle, it is imperative that you comply.

From age three to six months, you should focus your training on some of the basic commands such as sit, lie down, and stay. Other areas that might need some training during this age include teaching the dog not to bark randomly, to interact with strangers, and to walk on a leash. These commands are all simple and with the Boston Terrier being so bright, it should learn them quickly.

Then from the age of six to ten months, we recommend you start training in different areas. For instance, you would want to teach your dog to pay attention while being spoken to, heel, fetch, and perhaps perform a few basic tricks such as shake hands and roll over. The good news is that with the Boston Terrier begin so eager to make you happy, most of these commands should not take long to learn.

As with many dog breeds, the Boston Terrier does much better with positive reinforcement instead of harsh punishment. For instance, when your Boston Terrier responds according to command, you want to offer lots of praise and perhaps a small treat. If you were to punish the Boston Terrier during a training session, you would likely end up with a dog that feels defeated, shy, and even embarrassed. This companion dog is a wonderful addition to any home and since training is so easy, you can expect a loving, well-behaved pet.


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