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Corporate Washroom Hygiene Rules

It is important to corporate America to establish hygiene rules to ensure cleanliness in the workplace–especially when it comes to washroom hygiene. Washroom hygiene rules are more heavily enforced in some companies because this ensures that everyone remains healthy, including, in some types of businesses, the customers. It is difficult to monitor the washing habits of individual employees, but rules and guidelines are often posted in the bathroom and eating areas.

Although there is commonly an awareness of the importance of hand washing, many companies feel that they need to enforce these rules because not everyone habitually follows these guidelines.


Washroom Hygiene Rules


Wash Your Hands After Eating

Employees are often instructed to wash their hands after eating in the cafeteria or at their desks. People easily come in contact with their hands when they eat which spreads bacteria from their mouths to their hands.

When people wash their hands after eating they reduce the spread of bacteria to other work surfaces.


Sanitize Your Hands After Eating

In addition to providing soap for hand washing, some corporate washrooms also make hand sanitizer available–giving employees a choice.

Hand sanitizers work like soap but sanitize hands more quickly and efficiently, especially for busy employees in a hurry to get back to work.


Wash Your Hands After Using the Bathroom

Washing hands after using the bathroom is a heavily enforced hygiene rule in the workplace. Bathrooms are breeding grounds for bacteria such as E. coli which, because they live in the human digestive tract, proliferate in bathroom stalls and around toilets.

Since E. coli infections can be serious, requiring that employees wash their hands after visiting the washroom is vital.


Clean Bathroom Door Handles

Some employees are also instructed to clean bathroom doors and handles to help prevent the spreading of germs.

Some employees don’t wash their hands even if signs are posted everywhere, so taking the extra step to clean door handles can help ensure a healthy work environment.


Keep Items Off the Washroom Floor

Bathroom floors harbor bacteria and viruses, even though posted rules seldom include mention of this. Hanging purses on the bathroom door hook and setting books and papers on wiped-off counters can help prevent germ transference. Items that must be placed on the floor can be cleaned with disinfecting wipes.


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