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Phone Etiquette for a Secretary

Answering the telephone is an integral part of a secretary’s responsibilities. Some are responsible for only one telephone, while others operate switchboards.

Whether a secretary is making or receiving calls, good telephone etiquette is a necessary responsibility.


Phone Etiquette for a Secretary


Answering Calls

Speak clearly in a normal tone of voice and listen carefully to the caller. Use proper language instead of slang; it sounds more professional. Focus on the call and be as patient and helpful as possible. If you must place the caller on hold, ask politely if you may do so first.


Making Calls

Maintain the same degree of professionalism when making calls as when receiving them. Identify yourself and your company politely and professionally. Follow the same guidelines for tone, language and placing callers on hold that you follow when answering calls.


Taking or Leaving Messages

When you take messages, ensure that you have recorded all information accurately by repeating the information back to the caller. When leaving a message, keep it short and concise while communicating the necessary information to the recipient.

Be discreet when communicating sensitive or personal information in a message, especially if there are people near who might overhear you.


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