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How to Confront a Disrespectful Boss

Conflict resolution is a difficult task in any situation. Many people try to avoid confrontation at all costs while others face it head on. This can be a particularly sticky situation when the person you are in conflict with is your boss, especially if he is rude or disrespectful.

As with any conflict, you want to approach the situation in a calm, level-headed manner to resolve the problem and maintain peace in the workplace.


Confronting a Disrespectful Boss

How to Confront a Disrespectful Boss


1. Maintain your composure.

If your boss is yelling at you it is important that you don’t fight fire with fire. Yelling back will not only put your job at risk, but may also escalate the situation and ruin the possibility of resolving the conflict amicably. Stay calm and wait until your boss’ rant is over.


2. Demand the respect you deserve.

Once your boss is done, express your dissatisfaction with the way he/she is communicating with you. In a calm, yet stern, manner, assert your position as a fellow adult and human being who deserves to be spoken to with respect.

Offer to listen to their opinion if they can do so respectfully. If they can not, tell them you will be more than happy to address the issue at another time once they have calmed down.


3. Listen to your boss’ perspective.

With an open mind, listen as your boss explains what he perceives as an issue. Try to see his/her point of view and be open to seeing your role in the situation.


4. State your perspective.

Once you have listened and processed your boss’ argument, calmly state your own. Suggest ways to address the issue or improve on the task.


5. Find a common ground or agree to disagree.

If the resolution is not cut and dry, find a middle ground to satisfy both parties. If a resolution is not possible, agree to disagree on the situation as long as disagreeing does not jeopardize your job or work productivity.


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