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Employee Thank-You Note Ideas

Express your appreciation and gratitude to employees for a job well done by sending a nice thank-you note to them, perhaps accompanying a bonus that they’ve earned.

While you can purchase a variety of different types of thank-you notes, for a more personalized approach create your own employee thank-you notes using a graphics program of your choice.


Thank-You Note Ideas



Utilize graphics software in creating designs for your thank-you notes. Use a company logo, or add decorative elements like a ribbon underlining text or a border (decorative calligraphy) that will emphasis your text selections.

GIMP is a freeware program that you can choose if you don’t have a program like Adobe Photoshop. If you don’t know how to use a graphics program, you can opt to hire a graphics artist to create a design you specify along with your text.



Use an appropriate font style. If you run a child-care center, for example, consider using a font such as Kristen ITC. For a more formal thank-you note style thanking someone for years of dedicated service or for making a concerted effort to take the lead on a special project with your company, consider a script font style like Brush Script STD.

Within a program like Photoshop, you can also add special effects to text (and graphics) such as creating a “Drop Shadow” effect.


Adding a Bonus

A nice addition to a thank-you note is a bonus or gift. You have a great deal of latitude when choosing the amount of a bonus or the type of gift. It is a nice idea to personalize the gift.

For example, if you know an employee enjoys a particular restaurant or store, consider including a gift certificate to that establishment.


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