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How Do I Stop Being Socially Awkward?

In today’s world, many people have come to rely on the Internet and mobile phones in order to communicate. This only contributes to social awkwardness, with people needing to spend less time in social situations.

If you feel that you are socially awkward, you can work to overcome it by spending more time in social situations, to reduce your fear and shyness.


5 Steps Do I Stop Being Socially Awkward?

Socially Awkward

1. Put yourself in social situations on a regular basis, so that you have repeated exposure.

One of the main ways to overcome nervousness in any situation is to challenge the fear, until you feel more comfortable.


2. Mention to new people that you are a little shy.

Being open helps others to understand why you may act in an awkward fashion at times.


3. Think things over before saying them when you’re in social situations.

This will help to prevent you from saying something bizarre that nobody else understands.


4. Pay attention to how other people behave and speak, so that you have a better idea of social norms.


5. Avoid worrying excessively about your own behavior.

Everyone is different and in social situations there are often various people worrying about themselves too much, to realize if someone else is awkward.


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