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How to Create Your Own Aerobics Dance

From water aerobics to step aerobics to slide aerobics, there is no lack of variations. The type of music also varies just as widely, from salsa to country line dancing.

But someone has to teach all of these various types of aerobics. If you’re that someone, or if you just want to make your own at-home aerobics dance, choose a song and get moving to have the dance down in no time at all.


7 Steps to Create Your Own Aerobics Dance

How to Create Your Own Aerobics Dance


1. Select a song that is made specifically for aerobics.

The song should have between 130 and 160 beats per minute.


2. Write down four moves that go together.

Perform each move for eight counts, which will come to a total of 32.


3. Repeat these four moves, this time beginning with the opposite leg.

Throughout the dance make sure to equalize all moves so that your right and left sides perform the same amount of work.


4. Write down another four moves that go together.

Perform each move for eight counts. Continue writing down sets of four moves, each with eight counts, until you are satisfied with the dance.


5. Perform basic moves betwen more complicated ones, such as marching and knee lifts.

This will help to prevent you, and your students, from becoming confused.


6. Break down the dance when you teach it.

Start with small groups of moves and slowly add additional sets after the students pick them up. Make sure to give your students easier and more complex options to cater to all skill levels.


7. Cue your students before moving on to a new move.

This will help them to keep up with you.


Tips & Warnings
Warm up for five to 10 minutes before starting your aerobic dance, and cool down for five to 10 minutes afterward.


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