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How to Decline a Business Invitation

You’ve received an invitation to a company function or event and you won’t be able to attend. You must o decline, but you are unsure about the proper etiquette in executing this task.

Keep this general rule in mind: The formality of the invitation will determine the formality of the response.


3 Steps to Decline a Business Invitation

How to Decline a Business Invitation


1. Read the invitation thoroughly.

In addition to the details about the event, the invitation should contain information on how to R.S.V.P or decline the invite. Follow the instructions, and respond by the indicated deadline. Don’t ever not respond.


2. Respond by email if the individual emailed the invitation to you.

Call by phone if he left you a message inviting you to the event. Always respond by the same method you were invited unless the invitation states otherwise. Express your sincere regret and kindly decline the invitation. Give a reason why, without too much detail.


3. Decline a face-to-face invitation graciously after hearing her out.

Smile and look interested while she’s speaking. Explain why you can’t attend, without going into too much detail.


Tips and Warnings
Always use proper grammar when corresponding with business associates.


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