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How to Develop the Skill of Self-Confidence

To be a successful person, you must have the skill of self-confidence. Self-confident people have the ability to convince others that they have what it takes to complete a task. People think that self-confidence reflects the knowledge and strength that they need, so self-confident people are easily chosen for a project or selected in an audition.

Self-confidence is a skill that can be learned, practiced and improved upon. With a little drive and determination, self-confidence can be acquired.


5 Steps to Develop the Skill of Self-Confidence

Skill of Self-Confidence

1. Make a spreadsheet of the ways in which you have been successful and call it your “Achievement Log.”

List in this log your achievements, such as high test scores, graduating with a degree, a special solo you performed well or even a great meal that you have prepared. Look at this log often, letting yourself enjoy these successes a few minutes every week.


2. Inspect your “Achievement Log” and make another list of your strengths and weaknesses.

Think about what your friends would consider strengths and weaknesses in your life. Next to these, list the opportunities and threats that may come into play. Meditate a few minutes a week on your strengths.


3. Set some goals about what you would like to achieve in your life.

Contemplate about what is truly important to you and what you would like to accomplish in life. Set targets for your goals and measure how you succeed in achieving these targets.

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses that might come into play as you work to achieve these goals as well as the threats and opportunities you might face.


4. Manage your mind.

Begin to eliminate negative self-talk that will take a toll on your confidence. Replace this negative self-talk with positive and rational thinking. Imagine what it will look like after you achieve your goals. Think about the settings and feelings involved after a big accomplishment in the future.


5. Commit to finishing this journey toward self-confidence.

Make a promise to yourself that you will not quit the process. Journal about your doubts and write rational and calm responses to these doubts. This will help you think more truthfully about your abilities.


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