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How to Resign From a Teaching Position Gracefully

No matter what reason you have for leaving your teaching position, exiting your school gracefully is the most professional way to go.

Resigning gracefully ensures you stay in good standing with your school — should you decide to come back — and shows your new employer that you act tactfully and professionally in a work setting.


6 Steps to Resign From a Teaching Position Gracefully

Resign From a Teaching Position


1. Leave your teaching position on good terms with administrative staff and other teachers to avoid burning any bridges you may need later.

If you are leaving for a better position, refrain from bragging about the pay raise or added responsibilities to a peer who does not have the ability to leave her current position.


2. Submit a timely, proper resignation letter once you are ready to make a move.

A school may require ample notice in order to fill your teaching position for the following school year.


3. Follow all the school guidelines and your contract when resigning in order to maintain professionalism.

For example, a school may request you leave at certain times, such as during the summer.


4. Offer to help a replacement with training or learning about the school, especially if you have been responsible for implementing a particular activity or program.

This will allow the school to continue on with beneficial programs for students even if you are no longer there.


5. Avoid negative comments during an exit interview and do not talk negatively behind co-workers’ backs.

Even if you have had a poor experience, remember that you are leaving and the issues will no longer affect you. Gossiping or spreading rumors about others in the school is petty and does not reflect a graceful resignation.


6. Finish your time at the school productively in order to leave a professional impression with the school.

Stay involved with teacher meetings and conferences, engage with your students’ parents and remain available to your peers up until the day you leave.



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