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How to Swim to Trim My Waistline

Combined with healthy eating habits, swimming — like many other aerobic exercises — can help you lose weight. Swimming is a low-impact, aerobic exercise that can be a workout for your whole body.

Speed and distance are not as important in swimming as the amount of time you spend moving in the water. For these reasons, swimming is a good alternative to other aerobic exercises for older adults, as well as those in search of low-impact aerobic exercise that will not hurt their joints.


5 Steps to Swim to Trim My Waistline

Trim My Waistline

1. Begin a simple swimming exercise routine slowly.

Try swimming for 30 seconds, and then resting for 30 seconds. Continue this pattern 10 times and then try to swim longer than 30 seconds and rest less than 30 seconds. If this exercise is difficult for you, or you find yourself out of breath, stick to the original routine until it becomes easier. Only move on to more difficult exercises when you are comfortable.


2. Use fins to give your legs a workout.

Try the same 30-second swim/30-second rest pattern while kicking. Repeat the pattern 10 times, continuing on only when you are able to complete 10 sets of kick and rest easily.


3. Alternate your laps between intensive strokes and more leisurely strokes.

For example, swim three laps of freestyle or butterfly before switching to one lap of sidestroke or backstroke. This will vary your heart rate and help burn calories faster.


4. Time yourself swimming one lap when you begin your fitness routine.

Keep that time in mind each time you swim, and work on decreasing the amount of time it takes you to complete one lap. Set a goal in your mind that is one-to-two seconds faster than your original time and modify your goal each time you reach a new milestone.


5. Pay attention to your eating habits.

Swimming often has the effect of making one hungry after a workout. Tame that hunger by drinking lots of fluids while exercising and eating healthy, small-portioned meals after a long swim.


Tips & Warnings
Consult your doctor with any health concerns before beginning a swimming weight loss routine.


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