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How to Transfer Series EE Savings Bonds

U.S. savings bonds, such as the series EE, can be excellent investments as well as gifts. Many parents and grandparents purchase series EE savings bonds for their children and grandchildren on special occasions.

Those parents and grandparents can also transfer their own series EE savings bonds to their desired recipients–by using a Treasury Direct account.


4 Steps to Transfer Series EE Savings Bonds

EE Savings Bonds


1. Check with the recipient of the series EE savings bond to make sure they have a Treasury Direct account established.

If they do not, they can easily open one at the Treasury Direct website.


2. Log on to your own Treasury Direct account and go to the “Manage Direct” page.

Click on the “Internal Transfer Request” link.


3. Enter the requested information for the recipient of the series EE bond.

You will need to provide a Social Security number so that their Treasury Direct account can be properly credited.


4. Print and mail any paper forms that may be needed to complete the transfer.

If any are needed, a page will pop up to notify you what is required.


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