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Jogging in Between Sets

Increase the results of your strength-training working by jogging in between sets. The combination of anaerobic and aerobic exercises provides variety to your routine, increases calorie burning and shortens your overall workout time.


Jogging in Between Sets


Circuit Training

The addition of jogging in between your strength-training sets is known as aerobic circuit training. CT alternates a resistance exercise with a cardiovascular exercise. For example, perform a set of eight to 12 dumbbell arm curls followed by 30 to 60 seconds of jogging in place.

Dr. Len Kravitz, Associate Exercise Physiology Professor at the University of New Mexico, says when the aerobic interval stays the same within a circuit, such as jogging, the routine is known as interval-circuit training.



The pattern of alternating jogging with strength training went mainstream with the Curves franchise. Curves is a women-only workout center that uses the circuit-training routine to improve the health and wellness of its participants. At Curves, women perform 30 seconds of strength training followed by 30 seconds of an aerobic interval such as jogging in place. The American Council on Exercise studied the results of this type of training and found that participants elevated their heart rates into cardiovascular training zones.


At Home

Use the circuit-training routine with your at-home workouts to burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health. It helps to write your exercises in order for fast movement in between activities. For example, perform a set of pushups and then jog in place for 30 to 60 seconds. Immediately perform your jogging intervals without taking a break, and then quickly return to your next set of strength exercises.



If you have access to a treadmill for your jogging intervals, use this piece of equipment with caution. Keep your weights and other resistance tools as close to the treadmill as you safely can for quick transitions between exercises. Add a few seconds to your jogging intervals as your treadmill increases to your jogging speed. You can also perform interval-circuit training with outside jogging.

Your strength-training intervals will be body-weight exercises, as it is unsafe to jog holding on to weights. For example, jog for one minute and then perform a set of squats. Jog again and perform a set of pullups on a tree branch. Use your creativity and set up different interval circuits to keep your body and mind challenged.


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