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Owning a Beagle : Breeder Recommendations

The Beagle is truly an excellent dog when looking for a family pet. Considered intelligent, healthy, and gentle, this breed does great with children of all ages, along with other pets. The Beagle loves to cuddle, go for walks, and play.

Keep in mind that while this breed has so much to offer, it can be a little on the stubborn side so when it comes to training, you want to be patient. The most important aspect of buying a Beagle is to understand what to look for.

Otherwise, you are taking the word of the breeder, which could be good or bad.

Owning an Beagle


Owning an Beagle : Breeder Recommendations

Obviously, you want to start your search with a reputable breeder and then talk to at least three before choosing your puppy. If you are unsure where to find a breeder, check with the American Kennel Club, any number of Beagle clubs, and even your veterinarian. While you may receive some great recommendations, the choice comes down to you, which is why you need to know what to look for, along with the questions to ask.

For starters, the puppy should look compact, sturdy, and strong. You should notice the puppy being active, curious, and loving. Typically, a healthy and well-bred Beagle puppy will have alert and even tempered characteristics.

While you want the dog to be active, you want to watch for any signs of timidity or aggression. In addition, if you notice the puppy shying away or hiding, this could be a sign of a sick puppy or one with a bad temperament. Do not make the mistake that you can take the dog home and turn it around. The truth is that perhaps you could but there is no guarantee.

As far as appearance, the head and skull should look powerful but not overly coarse. Make sure the puppy does not have any frowns or wrinkles, that the skull is just slightly dome-shaped, and that the tip of the muzzle is well defined. If possible, you want a puppy with a black nose. Now, some puppies will have lighter noses that change but finding one that is black is the preferred choice. The eyes of the Beagle should be hazel or dark brown in color and relatively large but not overly prominent.

One of the physical characteristics of the Beagle is the soft, long, floppy ears. However, look for ears that have a rounded tip, fine in texture, and come down along the cheek area gracefully. For the mouth, the jaw should be strong with no over or under bite. The shoulders of this breed would be laid back and the forelegs straight and upright. Then for the hindquarters, look for muscular thighs. Even in puppies, you can see the muscle definition.

Next, the tail of the Beagle should be somewhat long and strong. While you want the tail to be carried high, you do not want it to curve down over the back of the dog, which would be considered a flaw. For the coat, this would be short and thick and coloring is not an important factor since this breed comes in so many colors and color variations.

Keep in mind that if you were purchasing the Beagle puppy to show or use for field trial, then following these guidelines would be crucial. However, if you just want a good, loving family pet, then you have a little bit of leeway.

The most important thing is the health of the puppy, along with early socialization. A reputable breeder would have various certifications done by a veterinarian, have the puppy current on initial shots, and have spent quality time playing with the puppy so it is accustomed to being loved and handled.


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