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Owning a Golden Retriever : Breeder Recommendations

If you are looking for a friendly, loyal companion that will be comfortable in your home, the Golden Retriever may be just the dog for you.

Keep in mind that this is just a part of what the Golden Retriever has to offer a family that provides the and attention it deserves. This breed will also be fun for everyone as it enjoys outdoor activity such as running, playing and hunting.


Things to Know Before Getting Golden Retriever

As with any purebred dog, the key to having a successful and enjoyable relationship with your Golden Retriever starts with the breeder. We recommend always visiting at least three top-quality breeders and asking as many questions as you can so you are comfortable with the amount of information they provide.

Before you go to the breeders, is may be best to read as much as you can about the Golden Retriever and any medical conditions the breed may have problems with. All reputable breeders should be open to questions while also interested in learning more about you and the home environment you would offer the dog.

You could buy from a retail store or an individual who has Golden Retriever pups but if you do this, you may not get all the information about the puppy’s background and family history that you get from a reputable breeder. One important point to keep in mind is that puppies should appear bright, energetic, and alert, even around you as you visit.


Owning a Golden Retriever


Take your time when visiting breeders, asking to see both parents of the puppy, if possible, as well as documentation pertaining to health situations and bloodlines. It may also be best not to choose the first puppy that you are attracted to, even if it is “the cutest”. The reason is that you could end up leaving behind a perfectly fine puppy that is a little bit less forward and calmer, making it the true “ideal” choice.

One of the things that all good breeders should do, and will do, is take the time necessary to make sure their young dogs are properly socialized, to the point that they are comfortable with other dogs and with people, especially children. You should look closely at the living conditions of the dogs, watching how the breeder interacts with the dogs. In fact, it might be best to visit a breeder more than once, making sure cages are clean, and the dogs have plenty of fresh water and quality food at all times.

It is sometimes difficult to consider that you may lose your chosen puppy early in its life, but you should be prepared to ask the breeder about this situation. If the puppy develops a serious health problem, what guarantees will you have? If the dog should die within a specific period, will you get a replacement puppy or get your money back?

These details should be included in a written contract with the breeder. You should never be afraid to ask about these situations.

Golden Retrievers generally do well with other dogs and with people, because they are not a naturally aggressive dog. If you are thinking about purchasing a Golden Retriever, keep in mind that you are not only getting an excellent family companion that will love being around you and other people, but you are also choosing a sturdy, outdoor-loving animal that will need exercise and running time to be completely happy.


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