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Owning A Shih-Tzu : Breeder Recommendations

The first thing a person should do when considering a Shih-Tzu or any other purebred dog is to read everything they can about the breed. In addition, it is highly recommended that a prospective owner talk to those who have a Shih-Tzu and ask about the good and bad qualities of the breed.

When you feel that you are an informed person who can ask many questions, it may be time to start choosing a breeder.


Things to Know Before Getting A Shih-Tzu

Because of the popularity of the breed in the last few years, some have tried breeding the Shih-Tzu with mixed results. This can affect the overall quality of the breed and put less-than-healthy dogs into the homes of unsuspecting and uninformed people. Being prepared is one of the key things a person can do before visiting breeders. A little preparation at the start may help the family and the pet avoid serious problems later one.

A top-quality breeder will be one who is trying to maintain the best qualities of the breed and is trying to ensure that buyers get the healthiest dog possible. A breeder who is doing his or her best will make sure that the puppies have clean living conditions, top quality food, fresh water, and just as important, loving attention.

Puppies that make good pets most often come from a breeder who spends time with the young dogs, making sure that they are happy and comfortable with other dogs and with the people who work for the breeder.

While each breeder has a slightly different system and different methods, a buyer should always ask about guarantees. It may be difficult to think about losing a new pet, but it would be best to make sure that you get your money back or get a replacement dog if the puppy should die within a specific period.

Not only that, but prospective owners should ask to see both parents of the litter being considered. This will help the buyer understand how the dogs are treated and whether there are serious health issues that may be of concern with the puppies.


Owning A Shih-Tzu


Another alternative for getting a Shih-Tzu is to work with a rescue organization or sanctuary group. The challenges with getting a pet from one of these groups are different but many dogs from rescue sources make wonderful pets.

Most of the time these dogs just need a good home and loving companions, something the dog did not get in its first home. Sometimes an adult dog from a rescue organization is very healthy and was quite happy in its first home, but the owner had to move and could not take the dog along.

You need to know a few things about this breed before deciding to adopt a Shih-Tzu. This is a somewhat high-maintenance breed, especially if the owner is concerned about the long coat and its appearance. If there are plans to show the dog, the work can increase dramatically. Shih-Tzu do not do well when left alone for long periods and this is often the reason that the dogs end up with a rescue organization.

Many owners cannot give the pet sufficient time to keep it happy and healthy. A good rescue organization will take care of any medical problems the dog has and will be very familiar with any behavior issues or health issues that a new owner will have to deal with. One organization emphasizes that some behavior problems in rescued adult dogs can take a year or two to correct. The new owner must have plenty of patience to take on this challenge.

Whether you decide to get your Shih-Tzu from a good breeder or from a rescue organization, make sure you know all you can about the breed and its care before making any commitments.

A little preparation at first can go a long way to making your Shih-Tzu experience a good one.


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