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Owning A Yorkshire Terrier : Breeder Recommendations

This small breed certainly looks fragile and beautiful, but with proper care and an owner who is careful the Yorkshire Terrier is actually a long-living breed that can be part of your family for 15 years or more.

If you are interested in adding this energetic toy dog to your family, starting with a few important points in mind can help make this an excellent experience.


Things to Know Before Getting A Yorkshire Terrier

As with any purebred dog, the process of buying a Yorkshire Terrier should begin with finding a top-quality breeder and going to them with a few questions in hand, so that you clear up any doubts and concerns you might have.

Many experienced dog owners will tell you that you should talk with, and visit, at least three breeders so that you can carefully watch how they conduct their business and see how they work with young dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier owners should remember that this breed could be a great companion, showing loyalty to the owner and the family. Since this is a tiny breed, it can be excellent for those with limited living space, such as apartment dwellers and families with small yard space.

However, the Yorkshire Terrier will still need time outside. In addition, make sure he is exercised, preferably on a leash or in a small, fenced area.

You will probably purchase a healthy Yorkshire Terrier puppy as a black and tan beauty, but the Yorkshire Terrier puppies become adults with a wonderful, blue steel and tan coat. This silky, long coat hangs evenly on both sides of the body and will require additional attention.

However, the Yorkshire Terrier is a bit sturdier than it looks. Owners should discourage the dog from jumping off furniture and steps since their fragile bones can be subject to injury.

It is always easiest to pick the “cutest” puppy from a litter, or the first one that seems to “choose” you but remember that sometimes the best pets are those that might not be so forward when you first see them.

They may later prove to be an ideal companion and just independent enough to fit into your life. You could buy your puppy from a retail store or someone who is a Yorkshire Terrier owner that decides to sell puppies, but if you do this, you may not get all the information you need about the breed, its background and the care and feeding the puppy requires.


Owning A Yorkshire Terrier


Take your time when visiting breeders and ask to see both parents of the puppy you are considering. Look closely at how the puppies are fed and housed, to get an idea of the health and overall treatment of the dogs.

Remember that a key to getting a good pet is to start with a breeder that takes the time to socialize his young dogs, spending time with them to get them comfortable with people and other dogs. In addition, you should feel free to ask your breeder questions about feeding the Yorkshire Terrier and ask about any health problems that may be natural to the breed.

One of the most important things you can do when looking at puppies is to ask the breeder about guarantees in case your new pet gets seriously ill or dies in a short period.

It is always best to have a written contract with the breeder you buy from and these money-back or replacement guarantees should be included in the contract. Taking a little extra time at first can add to the enjoyment of your new pet.


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