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Pregnancy Massage Table Danger

Trained massage therapists will not put a pregnant client in any dangerous positions on their massage table. Therapists are trained to work with pregnant women, and they have a number of techniques at their disposal to promote the comfort and safety of their client.

They may use a specially designed massage table or conduct the treatment with the client lying on her side. Be sure to tell your massage therapist about your pregnancy so he can plan the treatment accordingly.

Pregnancy Massage Table


Pregnancy and the Massage Table

The American Pregnancy Association states that women can begin massage therapy at any point of their pregnancy. Lying face down on a massage table may put undue stress on a pregnant woman’s stomach.

Thankfully, trained massage therapists will not put a pregnant woman in this position. Therapists can make accommodations to ensure that your stomach remains comfortable and safe.


When to Avoid Massage

Women with high-risk pregnancies, pregnancy-induced hypertension, preeclampsia, previous experiences with preterm labor and who have recently given birth should get permission from a doctor before scheduling a massage therapy session.


Side-Lying Massage

Most professional massage therapists prefer to massage a pregnant client in a side-lying position. The client will lie on her side on the massage table, which avoids putting pressure on the stomach.

The therapist will be able to address all of the major muscle groups from this position and will ask the client to rotate halfway through the massage so they can address the other side of the body.


Special Massage Tables

Therapists who specialize in treating pregnant clients will have a specially designed table to accommodate her stomach. The massage table will have a removable surface that will allow the pregnant belly to poke through. This allows the pregnant woman to lie face down and enjoy the full benefits of work on the back.


Talk to Your Massage Therapist

If you are going for a typical spa treatment, talk to your massage therapist and let them know about your condition. Therapists are trained professionals and have likely worked on other pregnant clients. If you want to get massage regularly doing your pregnancy, seek out a therapist who specializes in prenatal massage.


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