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How to Cope With an Overdue Baby

Your due date is an educated guess about when childbirth most likely to occur. It is not unusual if your baby arrives 1 or 2 weeks after the due date. Your baby is considered overdue if it is already 2 weeks after the due date. Don’t panic and and learn how to cope with an overdue baby.


5 Steps to Cope With an Overdue Baby

How to Cope With an Overdue Baby


1. Keep checking in with your doctor.

You’ll need to see your doctor often until the baby is born. Your doctor will use an electronic fetal monitor to track your baby’s heartbeat and perform other measurements to make sure that your baby is healthy. Count your baby’s kicks and search for signs of labor. Make sure that your baby kicks at least ten times in two hours. If not, call your doctor immediately.


2. Walk.

Walking helps the baby to move down to the birth canal. Walking also makes the labor process easier. Alternate walking with resting. Get enough rest because you’ll need the energy when labor comes.


3. Take medication to induce your labor if necessary.

You don’t want your pregnancy to continue too long, which may cause delivery complications if the baby is too large. The most common drug used to induce labor is pitocin. A nurse can adjust the dose of pitocin to regulate the frequency and strength of labor contractions.


4. Relax.

Continue your normal life as usual. Go to movies, theaters, or have dinners with friends. Get a prenatal massage, which will help you to relax and relieve sore muscle and pain.


5. Complete preparation for the arrival of your baby.

Pack your hospital bag. Make sure that your baby’s car seat is installed and that your baby’s nursery is ready.


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