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How to Do the Seated Knee Press

Back pain in labor is very common. Although there are many positions you can try to alleviate the pain, the seated knee press is one that has yielded great results.

It works by “pressure directed via the femur straight into the flexed hip joint or joints altering the configuration of the pelvic basin, releasing the sacroiliac joints and relieving low back pain.” Here is how it’s done.


5 Steps to Do the Seated Knee Press

Seated Knee Press


1. Sit on a firm chair with your lower back pressed against the back of the chair.

Make sure that the chair is sturdy and that it is up against something supportive like a wall.


2. Make sure that your feet are touching the floor with your knees just slightly apart, maybe 3 to 4 inches.

If your feet do not reach the floor, have your partner put books or another kind of firm support underneath them.


3. Have your partner kneel on the floor and extend his hands out to your knees.

His hands should cover your knees.


4. During a contraction, he should lock his elbows and lean into you allowing his body weight to apply pressure to your knees.


5. When your partner does this technique you should feel a release in your lower back and it should help alleviate back pain.


Tips and Warnings

  • Use this method if you have back pain.
  • Do not use this method if it does not help.
  • Do not use this method if you have inflammation or damage in your knees.

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