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How to Stretch Your Back in Labor Using a Hands and Knees Position

Laboring moms love to stretch their backs. All of those back muscles get really sore from the added weight and the intensity of the contractions.

Lots of women in labor find that getting on their hands and knees helps their back pain and allows their legs to rest. A hands and knees position also helps the baby get into an optimal position in labor.


7 Steps to Stretch Your Back in Labor Using a Hands and Knees Position

Knees Position


1. Lay a yoga mat or nap mat on the floor to give your knees some support.


2. Kneel on the mat in a hands and knees position.

Hands should be placed directly under your shoulders and your knees should be directly underneath your hips and spread slightly apart.


3. Slowly curl up your back in a slight arch (looks like a cat arch).

Doing so will stretch your back muscles and allow the baby to pull the heaviest part of its body (the head) to the front of your belly. Hold it for a count of 10 and release.


4. Repeat step 3 five times.


5. To get up out of the hands and knees position, slowly lift your upper body so that you are just kneeling.


6. Bend one knee to where your foot is flat on the floor.


7. Put both hands on the thigh of your bended leg and gently push upwards lifting your upper body until you are standing.


Tips & Warnings
You can perform this using a hospital bed.


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