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Safety in an Office Environment

When people go to work in an office they can sometimes take safety for granted. Develop good safety habits in the office to help avoid injury and to maintain productivity as well.


Safety in an Office Environment



Be sure that walkways are cleared of any obstructions. Check carpeting and other flooring material to make sure it is not in need of repair.



Do not overload shelves, especially the shelves that are higher up from the floor. Have a step ladder or step stool available near all high shelves to assist people in reaching objects.



All fire extinguishers should be clearly marked, and a certified fire inspection expert should test the extinguishers once a year.



At least one person in the office should be certified in CPR, and the company should sponsor CPR classes for all employees at least once a year.


Safety Officer

Assign the job of company safety officer to one person. Their responsibility would be to make sure the company safety policies are adhered to and that any safety violations are reported and resolved.


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