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Self-Esteem Builder Activities

Your self-esteem is based on both external (loss of a job or loved one) and internal (coping with stress or illness) factors. So in order to maintain a healthy esteem, you have to work on both the external self and the internal self.

The good news is, no matter what you are going through or where you have been, you have the ability to feel good about yourself. Not only that, you have the right to feel good about yourself. All it takes is a little work.


Begin an Exercise Regimen

Make exercising more fun by including a friend or family member.

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to reap the rewards of exercise on your self-esteem. Simply having a daily exercise routine, even if it is just going for a walk, can be extremely beneficial. Exercise is a natural stress reliever. It can help alleviate anxious energy. Exercising also causes a release of endorphins in your body, a natural chemical that elevates your mood.


Become Socially Active

Look to your surroundings to find a better self-esteem. Create your own support system by spending time with good friends. Having someone to talk to that is supportive and caring can make all the difference in the world. Also, spend time with friends who enjoy the same activities that you do. You can also make new friends with similar interests by joining a local club or continuing education class.

Become more involved in your community. Volunteer at your church or local community centers. Doing things for others can give you a feeling of purpose and fulfill values that you find important. Also, helping others is always a good way to lift your spirits.


Builder Activities


Practice a Healthy Diet

Giving your body the nutrition it needs will help you feel better and stay healthy. You can start by cutting out excess sugar, salty foods or foods high in fat. Eat plenty of vegetables, whole grains and healthy proteins. A healthy body helps foster a healthy mind.


Allow Yourself to Play

What are the things you like to do now, or once enjoyed doing? If these things have started to slip away, get them back! Begin or return to a hobby that utilizes your personal talents, or learn how to do something new.

Pamper yourself by taking a nice long bath, getting a manicure, or buying a new outfit. Pick up a new book and get lost in it, allowing time to simply pass. Whatever it is that makes you happy, take time to do it. Tell yourself you deserve it, just for being you.


Find Ways to Challenge Yourself

Find ways to challenge yourself physically or mentally. Think of something you want to learn or do, and make it happen. Set a goal to work toward, whether it is losing 10 lbs. or knitting a scarf. Everyday give yourself credit for making it one step closer to your goal. Take time to congratulate yourself for any achievement, big or small. Once you reach your goal — challenge yourself again.


Keep a Positive Outlook

Look around at your life with a view to being thankful. Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have clothes on your back? Do you have food in your belly? Even at our lowest, there are things to be thankful for.

Learning how to have a positive attitude can make all the difference in the world on your self-esteem. Don’t allow yourself to take anything for granted. Say “Thank you” more. Smile more. Laugh more. And, take the time to recognize how lucky you are.

In addition, try using positive affirmations when learning to be thankful for the person you are. What words describe you in a positive way?

Are you smart, funny, easy to talk to, a good listener or a good friend?

Are there people in your life who enjoy having you around?

What do you have to offer other people — your time, compassion, advice?

Write these things down and remind yourself how lucky the world is to have you. Repeat these positive statements to yourself on a daily basis.


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