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Stair Climber vs. Jump Rope

Whether you appreciate a low-impact workout on a stair climber or a more active routine with a jump rope, both pieces of equipment will sufficiently tax your cardiovascular system and challenge your muscles. Stair climbers and jump ropes are about as different from one another as exercise equipment can get, but despite the obvious differences, they also share a few similarities.

Stair Climber vs. Jump Rope


Get That Heart Pumping

Whether you’re climbing stairs or jumping rope, your heart is going to be working overtime. Both types of exercise require large muscle movements, upping your body’s demand for oxygen, which, in turn, gets your heart revved up. Using either a stair climber or jump rope for any amount of time will lead to improvements in cardiovascular fitness, improving your body’s efficiency at using oxygen and discarding waste by-products.


Show Me Your Muscles

Stair climbers and jump ropes both target muscles of the lower body; however, the muscles receiving the workout differ between the two. Stair climbers are all-encompassing pieces of exercise equipment that work nearly every muscle of your lower half. The glutes, quads, hamstrings, adductors and calves all work rigorously to propel you up the rotating stair case. Jump ropes, on the other hand, incorporate muscles in your upper and lower body. While the calves and quads are the target muscles, jumping rope also recruits power from your hamstrings and glutes. The muscles of your arms and shoulders work continuously to swing the rope, and your back and abdomen keep your torso upright throughout the course of your workout as your body is repeatedly jarred by foot-to-floor impact.


Torch Some Serious Calories

If you’re looking to burn fat and tighten up, then it may not be a bad idea to forgo the stair climber and head straight for the jump rope. According to Harvard Health Publications, a 125-pound person can burn 180 calories during 30 minutes on a stair stepper while a 155-pound person can burn 223. A 185-pound individual can burn up to 266 calories. That’s not bad for 30 minutes of sweating, but when you compare it to jumping rope, it’s nothing to brag about. Thirty minutes with a jump rope and you’ll burn 300 calories if you weigh 125 pounds, 372 calories at 155 pounds and 444 calories if you’re closer to 185 pounds.


Convenience Factor

When if comes to convenience and affordability, jump ropes take the cake, so to speak. You can find a rope at any sporting goods or department store for relatively little money. Jump ropes travel well — coil them up and take them anywhere. If you’re looking to add a stair climber to your home gym, you’d need a substantial amount of empty space and a little extra in your bank account. Most stair climbers are large, cumbersome machines and can run from just over $100 to several thousands of dollars.


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