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10 Party Planning Tips

Parties are upon us so let’s have an orderly mayhem with 10 party planning tips.


1. Choose your recipes from Our Deer and start listing the ingredients you need.

start listing the ingredients you need


2. Make sure you have enough food. Allow 10-12 canapes per guest for an evening drinks party.

Allow 10-12 canapes


3. Do what they do in restaurants : Pick up “extras”now. Napkins, cocktail sticks, bin liners, all come handy.

Napkins, cocktail sticks, bin liners


4. Try serving a simple cocktail as guests arrive.

simple cocktail as guests arrive


5. Drinks needn’t be expensive look out for special offers on Champagne.

special offers on Champagne


6. If your supermarket or wine shop does free glass loan, take advantage of it.

free glass loan


7. Save time by ordering wine and spirits on line.

wine and spirits on line.


8. Chill bottles in large plastic tubs outside, unless you live in the South hemisphere, you will save fridge space.

Chill bottles in large plastic tubs outside


9. Don’t forget soft drinks.

Don’t forget soft drinks.


10. Send your invitations now.

Send your invitations now.


And remember if you have an ingredient you would love to try out, but lack inspiration, use the comments box to ask us.

Have a nice party!


Party Planning Tips


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10 Party Planning Tip


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