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Fridge Compressor Failure

The compressor is a major part of your refrigerator’s circulation system. It takes hot air and converts it to gas before releasing it into the atmosphere.

This helps the refrigerator stay cold. If the compressor breaks down, the refrigerator won’t cool adequately and will eventually stop working altogether. Thus, you should check the compressor at the first sign of trouble.

Fridge Compressor Failure



Refrigerator compression failure causes the refrigerator to not cool appropriately. Thus, it takes more electricity for the refrigerator to maintain its proper temperature because other parts of the refrigerator must work overtime to compensate for the failing compressor. Compression failure can also cause frost to form in the freezer or cause the freezer to not work effectively.



Overheating is a primary cause of compressor failure. During hot weather, the compressor may overheat, causing it to temporarily shut down. The compressor will begin working again once it cools down adequately.

However, if the compressor keeps going on and off, you should get it checked. If it keeps overheating, it’s not cooling your refrigerator effectively. Compressors may also overheat if there’s not enough airflow between the compressor and the condenser.


Accumulation of Dust

If dust or other debris clogs the compressor coils, the compressor will stop working. To avoid compressor failure from this kind of problem, clean your compressor coils at least once a year. Unplug the refrigerator and wipe the compressor coils with a cloth. Do not clean the compressor while it is hot, as you can burn yourself.


Red Flags

If your electricity bill starts going up and your refrigerator is making a lot of noise, you most likely have a failing compressor; get it checked before it fails altogether. You should especially be concerned about the compressor if, in addition to these signs, it’s running only intermittently or your freezer doesn’t seem to be working properly. Get the compressor replaced before it fails to avoid damage to your refrigerator or spoiled food.


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