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Mercruiser Engine Coupler Failure

Mercruiser is an internationally-recognized designer and manufacturer of marine vehicles and equipment. Coupler failure in these boats has been associated with a housing noise in the drive shaft.


Mercruiser Engine Coupler


Drive Shaft

A drive shaft is a mechanical device used to transmit torque. They are commonly used in internal combustion engines. Some Mercruiser customers have reported a housing noise in the drive shaft of their engines.



There are many possible causes for an abnormal noise in the drive shaft. One possible cause is a weak boat transom or boat bottom that tends to flex under strain. This can cause engine misalignment, which usually leads to coupler failure.



In order to determine whether an engine has a weak boat transom or boat bottom, apply pressure to the top of the drive unit while looking at the inner transom plate. If you can detect any movement, the transom is weak. You should replace this plate in order to avoid engine coupler failure.


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