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5 Reasons You Should Take a Road Trip

The last two summers my boyfriend and I went on a road trip out west. Last year to South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado. This year we went all the way to Vancouver, Seattle, Oregon. And being from Chicago those locations are thousands of miles away.


Take a Road Trip


1. You Really Get to Know Your Passengers

Hours and hours in a small space and you really get to know a person; like their quirks and their habits. You get to have long talks about life and everything in between. It either brings you closer together or you want to be far away from them after all that time.


2. You Get to Snack All Day Long

Who doesn’t love getting snacks at the gas stations? They have ice cream, candy, drinks, and fun little postcards. And you get to try local food places that aren’t chains.


3. You Get to See Other Towns Along the Way

Even though you have a set destination in mind, as the saying goes half the fun is getting there. On our road trip this year we drove through Dinosaur, Colorado which I never knew existed and saw a town with a population of 10.


4. You Get to Visit Your Family and Friends All Over

Driving allows you the freedom to come as go as you please. You don’t have to catch a flight or a train so you’re not on a specific schedule (other than the one you set for yourself). So you can make pit stops along your road trip where you have a room to crash at.


5. Bragging Rights

Now when someone asks me if I’ve been to Seattle I can proudly say that I have been there on a road trip. That’s half of the country that I covered and not something everyone can say that they have done.


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