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Brittany Spaniel : 10 Most Common Questions

Most people who hear of a Brittany Spaniel think of a hunting dog. However, some people know very little about this breed, which is a real shame. The Brittany Spaniel is actually a remarkable dog that is perfect for the show ring, as well as hunting.

However, the Brittany also makes a wonderful family pet. In addition to being gentle with children and other animals, this particular breed is also easy to train, faithful to its master, protective without being aggressive, and a wonderful companion pet.

Because there remains some confusion about this breed, we wanted to answer some commonly asked questions.

Brittany Spaniel Questions


1. I’ve heard that there are different varieties of the Brittany – is this true?

Well, there are two distinct versions of this breed – the American Brittany Spaniel and the French Brittany Spaniel. While the two varieties are recognized as the same sub-set, you would see noticeable differences in the two. For instance, the American version is a taller breed with greater speed.

The reason is that the American Brittany was bred specifically for hunting in wide-open areas where significant ground needed to be covered. On the other hand, the French Brittany has more of the spaniel appearance with a smaller build. Additionally, the French version is typically better working around guns in hunting situations.


2. How easy is it to train the Brittany Spaniel?

This particular dog is exceptionally easy to train. Being a smart and eager to learn type dog, the Brittany works hard to please its master. Now, the key to success with training is that the Brittany is also very sweet natured and sensitive. For this reason, it is imperative that you show patience during training regimens, making the experience positive.

In fact, if you were to raise your voice to the Brittany during training or even give the dog a mean look, it would respond poorly. Therefore, while this dog is wonderful for training, you must take care never to break the dog’s spirit.


3. I know the Brittany is an excellent hunting dog but how is the breed used in this way?

You are 100% correct in that the Brittany is an exceptional hunter, actually being the happiest when doing fieldwork. When hunting with this breed, you would notice its reaction to go on point much like a Pointer. The Brittany will retrieve its prey on land but also in the water.

In fact, in European countries, the Brittany is used for not just fowl but also fur animals. Known for its incredible sense of smell and outstanding training abilities, the Brittany is in fact a top choice for people who love to hunt.


4. I want an active dog but not one that is hyperactive – is the Brittany a good consideration?

The Brittany Spaniel is an active breed, loving to spend time outdoors playing, hunting, and training. Because this breed does have a high level of energy, daily exercise is imperative.

However, if this dog is provided ample time to play and exercise, it actually makes a wonderful addition to just about any family. We would not term the Brittany as “hyper” but active with exercise requirements.


5. I love the feathered look of the Brittany but I want a dog that sheds little to none. Would I be happy with a Brittany as a companion pet?

Well, the Brittany Spaniel does shed throughout the year but not much. Typically, you can keep the level of shedding to a minimal by using a good slicker brush and grooming the dog for a few minutes each day. Keep in mind that if you choose a female, she will likely shed heavier immediately following a heat.


6. I have a cat that has been with me for years but I want to add a dog to the mix. Does the Brittany Spaniel get along well with cats?

The truth is that your cat and dog can be trained to get along very well. Keep in mind that if you were getting a kitten and puppy at the same time, the introduction period would be quicker and smoother. However, because you already own the cat, you want to be prepared from some disciplinarian action.

Because the Brittany is a hunter, the natural instinct, even as a puppy, would be to chase. Providing firm but loving guidance, you can teach the Brittany to accept the cat without any fear of harm.


7. When buying a Brittany, would I do best with a male or female?

This really boils down to personal preference but there are some differences between the two genders. For instance, most people assume the females are somewhat calmer and sweeter while the males are typical boys, a little rambunctious and rowdy. In fact, you almost see the opposite with this breed.

For instance, the females are more independent and on occasion, stubborn. However, the male Brittany tends to be more devoted and loving. The good news is that if either breed has unwanted traits, spaying or neutering will usually correct the problem.


8. What should I expect to pay for a Brittany Spaniel?

Assuming you are buying from a reputable breeder and not a local pet store, the price for this breed usually averages between $400 and $600 for a hunting and companion pet but if you are looking for a dog with strong bloodline that could be used for show or field trial competition, $600 to $900 is within acceptable range.


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