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Do it Yourself : Free Baby Shower Favors at Home

A baby shower is a celebration of a pending birth where guests give the mom-to-be gifts. In a similar way to bachelorette nights, baby showers are usually the domain of women and are often planned by a close friend or family member.

Baby shower favors are given to the guests by the expecting mom as a thank you for their participation in the celebrations. Although there are hundreds of options for purchasing these favors, making your own adds an extra special touch.


Napkin Diaper Cups

Napkin Diaper Cups

Fold one corner to meet the opposite diagonal corner, creating a triangle. Fold the two side points into the middle and hold in place with your fingers.

Fill the diaper cups with a selection of nibbles. Fold the bottom point up and over the side points you are holding in place. Attach a safety pin to hold all three point together, ensuring there are no gaps around the bottom.

Open the napkin diaper to create a little cup. Fill each diaper with your choice of candies, nuts, pretzels, chocolates or any other sweet or savory treat.


Homemade Candles

Homemade Candles

Melt the wax in a large saucepan. Add colored wax crayons to give the candles the color of your choosing and a few drops of essential oil to create scented candles.

Color-coordinate candles with the baby shower theme. Pour the wax into small candle containers. A variety of container options are available in craft stores. Place a wick in the wax before it cools and sets.

Decorate the container with personalized sticky labels or attach personalized tags with ribbon. For example, “Rosie’s Baby Shower 05-06-10”. These candles can double as lovely decoration during the baby shower and each guest can take one home afterward.


Homemade Bath Salts

Homemade Bath Salts

Mix together one cup of Epsom salts, a quarter cup of sea salt, and two tablespoons of baking soda. Add a couple drops of glycerin if you so choose. Glycerin is an effective skin moisturizer, but completely optional.

Bath salts are very quick and easy to make. Add a few drops of essential oil. Start slowly and keep adding a drop until you reach the desired fragrance. Repeat this process with the food coloring. Both scent and color will be greatly diluted in the bath or shower. Mix together thoroughly and pour into glass jars.

Decorate the jars with ribbon or twine and add a personalized sticky label or a tag. For example, “Rosie’s Baby Shower Bath Scrub 05-06-10”.


Cookies and Sweets

Baby Shower Favors

Bake cookies and decorate them with baby shower-themed icing. For example, pink balloons and the words “It’s a girl!” or “Rosie’s Baby Shower 05-06-10”. Alternatively, bake some homemade sweets such as fudge or chocolate truffles.

Organza bags filled with sweets are a simple yet effective thank you gift. Fill small organza bags with either a cookie or a few homemade sweets. You can cheat and simply use sweets from the local store. Add a small personalized gift tag to each bag.


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