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How to Adopt a Labradoodle

Highly popular mixed-breed dogs, Labradoodles are a cross between a yellow or black Labrador retriever and a standard poodle. As both Labrador retrievers and poodles come in various shapes and colors, not all Labradoodles fit a standard physical description.

Most have woolly, wavy fur and can weigh anywhere from 25 to 90 pounds. Known for their friendly, loyal personalities, Labradoodles make excellent pets and solid watchdogs. If you’re interested in adopting one, a variety of avenues are available.


8 Ways to Adopt a Labradoodle

How to Adopt a Labradoodle

1. Search for Labradoodle Breeders in Your Area

When you adopt one from a breeder, you will be able to obtain your new puppy’s papers, certifying his bloodline.

You will also have the opportunity to meet his parents, and gauge how he may look as an adult. You’ll be able to view photos of breeders’ latest litters online, but view the puppies in person before you commit.


2. Contact Pet Stores in Your A

Due to the recent popularity of designer hybrid dogs, most pet stores carry Labradoodles. Call the store beforehand to confirm that Labradoodles are in stock, since these pups tend to be adopted quickly.


3. Adopt Your Puppy From a Labradoodle Rescue Foundation

Companies such as Next Day Pets and Poo Mix Rescue regularly feature rescued Labradoodles that are up for adoption. While some rescued dogs may come from abusive or neglectful situations and be wary of humans, many rescued pups are completely healthy mentally and physically.

People give dogs to rescue foundations for a variety of reasons, from family sickness to cross-country moves. Inquire with the rescue organization regarding a particular pup’s history.


4. Interact with available Labradoodles prior to choosing one

You may find that a particular pup responds to you in person more than the others, so avoid choosing a dog based solely on photos.


5. Ask

Ask the prior owner, pet store worker, breeder or rescue foundation about the dog’s demeanor, including how it reacts with other animals or small children.

While most Labradoodles are great with kids, some take after their poodle heritage and tend to be temperamental with small children.


6. Get Dog Supplies

Get dog supplies before bringing your new Labradoodle home. You’ll need a collar, leash and dog food, as well as dog shampoo and a dog brush.

Brush your Labradoodle daily to prevent tangles. As active dogs, Labradoodles require at least two hours of exercise daily. They work best in homes with yards. If you don’t have one, walk your dog several times a day.


7. Training

Begin training your Labradoodle as soon as you bring him home. As highly intelligent dogs, they respond to training quickly, including housebreaking.

Be consistent and firm in your training techniques, and reward your Labradoodle with lots of affection and praise.


8. Checkup

Take your new Labradoodle to the vet for a checkup appointment. The vet will confirm that your pup is vaccinated against rabies, worms and other common parasites, and complete a full-body health check.


Tips & Warnings
Puppies require a lot of attention. Make sure you have enough time in your schedule before adopting a Labradoodle puppy.
Never hit your dog during the training process. Instead, use firm commands and positive reinforcement.



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