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How to Calm a Panicky Woman During Labor

Many women in labor handle every contraction they have with dignity. Sometimes it’s hard to even tell when they are having contractions and when they aren’t. However, some women experience contractions that put them over the top.

They feel that they lose control or become panicky during that time. If this happens, it is important to try and help her regain control over the situation. Here are some ways to do it.


5 Steps to Calm a Panicky Woman During Labor

Panicky Woman During Labor


1. Stay Calm

As the labor partner or coach, you need to be as calm as possible to bring her back to a calm and relaxed state. Oftentimes, laboring women need reassurance that everything is going well. The calmer you are with your voice and your directions, the better she will do.


2. Establish Eye-to-eye Contact with Her

Have her focus on you by putting your face in front of hers. Tell her softly, but firmly to look at you. Establishing eye contact will help ground her as she sees the reassuring look on your face and hears the calm, firm tone of your voice. Your voice lets her know that you’ll be giving her some direction.


3. Hold Her Tightly

You can either place your hands on her shoulders or hold her face in your hands if need be. You are trying to get her to focus her attention on you. Focusing her attention on anything other than the contraction will be a positive thing.


4. Tell Her to Breathe with You

Establish a breathing pattern that is easy for her to follow, whether it is patterned or random. Breathe loudly enough so that she can hear the pattern or perhaps talk her through a pattern. When the contraction is over, always direct her to quiet and slow her breathing down to a relaxed state.


5. Reassure Her

When a woman panics in labor, she feels out of control. Many times, she feels that she is not handling things the way she wanted or perhaps that she can’t handle them at all. The best thing you can do is tell her what a wonderful job she is doing.

Reassure her of her body’ s amazing ability to birth and that each contraction brings her one step closer to holding her baby. You can also suggest some visualization techniques or a focal point.


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