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How to Dress for Women’s Aerobics

You will not have a good workout if you feel uncomfortable, constricted or even self-conscious. The right clothing can make your aerobic routine easier and more successful.

Follow these steps to find it.


7 Steps to Dress for Women’s Aerobics

Dress for Women's Aerobics


1. Dress in loose-fitting sportswear.

If the clothing you pick is too tight, it will hinder your range of motion while doing the twists and turns popular in aerobics. Ill-fitting clothing also can restrict blood flow to various parts of your body.


2. Wear clothing that offers good ventilation.

Dress in tank tops and other sportswear that is made of a wickable material. Cotton is always a good choice. It is not itchy and will not irritate your skin when you perspire.


3. Dress in light aerobic clothing that will help you stay cool.

You want to perspire in a healthy way and not risk raising your body temperature too high. By staying cool, you will retain more energy and be able to challenge yourself to have a better workout.


4. Buy leotards.

Mix them with leotard shorts, longer styles and tights. A Lycra-cotton blend of tights is a good choice. It’s wickable, but still supportive.


5. Read “Fitness Through Aerobics” by Jan Galen Bishop available at Barnes&Noble.com.

You’ll find tips for getting the right aerobic clothing and equipment.


6. Select a proper sports bra.

You must have good chest and back support while you workout. There are many styles to choose from that offer comfort and stability, including various shoulder strap designs and a wide selection of shapes.


7. Buy loose-fitting T-shirts and tank tops.

These are great for absorption and providing comfort during an intense workout. Wear supportive aerobic sneakers with cotton workout socks.


Tips & Warnings
Find ways to manage your hair for exercising. If your hair hangs in your face it can be uncomfortable and distract from your workout. Use a band to put up your hair in a ponytail away from your face. Make use of bandanas or similar headbands.


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