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How to Eat in San Francisco on the Cheap

San Francisco is famous for its terrific “and often expensive” food and wine, but you can still eat well in the Bay Area without spending a lot of money.

Here are a few simple guidelines to help you get the most from your food budget.


6 Steps to Eat in San Francisco on the Cheap

Eat in San Francisco on the Cheap


1. Buy or borrow a budget guidebook before you leave home.

Most guidebooks contain restaurant listings organized by price range, neighborhood and type of cuisine.


2. Peruse local dining and entertainment Web sites before you leave home, or at an Internet café after you arrive.

You’ll probably find lots of searchable listings, restaurant reviews and other useful information.


3. Try to find a variety of dining options in the area where you plan to be spending most of your time ‘ the Bay Area is large and spread out, and just getting to the restaurant of your choice could be a potentially frustrating experience.


4. Visit the Mission district.

Despite it’s increasing gentrification, there are still plenty of food bargains to be found in the area, especially at delicious Mexican dives that serve hearty and filling burritos, tacos and enchiladas at affordable prices.


5. Go to Chinatown for a wide variety of dining experiences, including budget choices.

You’ll find Vietnamese and other Asian cuisine in this area, as well as authentic Chinese food.


6. Look for sweet and savory snacks in the North Beach neighborhood, San Francisco’s Little Italy.

Nestled in between some touristy restaurants are great cafés that can quiet your growling stomach.


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