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How to Explore Key West on a Budget

Take a vacation to Key West , Florida where you can enjoy everything outdoors, including watching the sunrise and sunset in the same day. Though a vacation to the Florida Keys can get expensive, there are plenty of activities that are free or close to free you can enjoy during your visit.

You can do more during your trip to Key West if you plan to do things that cost little money and stay within your budget.


6 Steps to Explore Key West on a Budget

How to Explore Key West on a Budget


1. Research activities before leaving

Make a list of things you want to do in Key West and how much each activity will cost. Compare your list to your budget and figure out which items you can do and which ones may have to wait for your next vacation.


2. Go camping

Instead of paying for a high priced hotel or resort in Key West, pack up the tent and camping gear. You will be able to camp at a campground, such as Leo’s Campground or Boyd’s Campground for a fraction of the cost of a luxury hotel or resort.


3. Search for deals

Check online for vacation packages, which can include everything from accommodation, dining and recreational activities at resorts for one single price. Local newspapers and magazines may also have coupons for specials, discounts and buy one, get one free deals.


4. Spend time at the beach

There is no cost to spend the day at the beach. Bring a picnic and extra water with you for a day of swimming, catching a Frisbee or relaxing in the sun. If you have snorkeling gear, bring it and head out into the waters to see what sea life there is just off the shores of Key West.


5. Go hiking or biking

There are nature trails at Mile Marker 17, Sugarloaf Key, and Mile Marker 27.8, Middle Torch and Big Torch, both offering 15 miles of trails to bike on. Take a walk in Key West where you will be able to see historical sites and take a hike through nature paths.


6. Find free things to do

There are different things to do throughout Key West that cost nothing at all, including a visit to the Wildlife Rescue Center that is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. You can also attend one of the free programs that are part of the Florida Keys Discovery Lecture Series where you will learn about the area’s history, fine arts, recreation activities and local culture. Free bocce ball is available at Indigenous Park.


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