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How to Find The Top 50 Searched Words

Are you looking for the top 50 searched words on the net? Everyone on the web is doing searches these days, the question is what are the top 50 searched words that people are searching for.

If you are just plain curious, you might be looking for top 50 search words in general. If you are looking for top 50 search terms to do search engine optimization, then you will probably want to know the top 50 in your specific niche. Read the guide below to find out what the top 50 searched words are in general and for your particular niche.


Methods to Find The Top 50 Searched Words

Google Trends

Google Trends is a great way to find most popular searched words on Google. It lists the top 100 searched words and is frequently updated throughout the day.

You can click on any of the search words and find out more information about it.

Google Trends


Yahoo Buzz

Yahoo Buzz is also a great way to find out the top search words on the Yahoo search engine. The top 10 search terms are listed and the list is updated hourly.

Look at the results in Google Trends and Yahoo Buzz and you will see most of them are dealing with actors, movies, new songs and breaking news. If this is not what you are looking for, then continue with the steps below.

Yahoo Buzz


WordTracker Keyword Suggestion Tool

WordTracker Keyword Suggestion Tool to find top 100 searched words in your niche. (See resources below). Enter any search word and the Free WordTracker tool will list the 100 most popular terms with that word included (you can also enter more than one word).

This is a great way to find the top 50 words searched for your particular niche or category of interest.

This is a great way to find search words to optimize for your your website.

WordTracker Keyword Suggestion Tool


Tips and Warnings
Remember, just because a keyword is popular and searched for often does not mean it is useful for your purposes.


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