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How to Search the Internet

The Internet provides a vast source of information. Whatever you need to find can be at your fingertips in seconds when you know how to search online.

Here’s how to navigate your way through the tens of millions of websites.


6 Steps to Search the Internet

How to Search the Internet

1. Use the tools that are readily available

Creditable search engines are the best way to search the Internet. Most engines use keyword optimization and can bring you the closet match to your search critera.


2. Be as specific as possible when selecting your search criteria

Search engines can handle searching for multiple key words in any given order. In using more keywords you are insured a better match in your search.


3. Check your search engine of choice for a search tips webpage

This will help you find even more shortcuts specific to that engine.


4. Limit your search with a minus sign

Most engines will accept this. For example, “scales-kitchen.”


5. Know when to try again

If the first 10 to 20 responses do not give the information, you need then try a new set of keywords in your search.


6. Check the different types of Internet website addresses

For example, if you are searching for a professional website, look for an indicator that a search result may be a personal page, such as the ~ symbol within the web address, or the address ending in “dot net” (.net).


Tips and Warnings

  • Yahoo has a shortcut series that can assist you in using their information pages.
  • Google offers an “I’m Feeling Lucky” button that will automatically take you to the most relevant page for your search.


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