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How to Get Her in the Mood

Guys are often faced with the dilemma of how to get their girl to want to do it as much as they do. It can be done, fellas. With just the right touch and a few sweet words, you can have her melting like chocolate in no time.

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Things You’ll Need

  • A woman
  • A private environment
  • A little finesse


4 Steps to Get Her in the Mood

Get Her in the Mood

1. Create the Right Type of Atmosphere

Most women do not like the possibility of being walked in on. Do not create an atmosphere that screams what your intentions are but do create one that puts her in a sexier frame of mind.


2. Engage in a Tempting Talk

Be sensitive and romantic. Talk about something of interest to her but don’t make it obvious.


3. Kiss her Deeply and Passionately

Do it when she least expects it and make it count. While you kiss her caress her gently but do not touch any hot spots.


4. Touch her Gently!

This means do not pinch her breast or smack her rump. Be gentle and genuine because she will catch on quick, women are keen that way.



Tips and Warnings
Do this and she will be so impressed that you didn’t hone in for the goodies that if you play your cards right she will be all over you in no time.


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How to Get Her in the Mood


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