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How to Get Psyched Up for a Treadmill Workout You Really Don’t Want to Do

When you’re not in the mood to run or walk, it can be hard to get going on a treadmill workout. Of course, the CDC recommends that you get 30 minutes of cardio five days per week and a treadmill; can definitely help. If you’re struggling with your motivation, find ways to get psyched up to hop on the treadmill and get a killer workout so you fulfill your fitness requirements and learn to love — not dread — the treadmill.


Get Psyched Up for a Treadmill Workout


Musical Motivation

One of the best ways to amp up your motivation and energy level is to load your MP3 player with tunes that help you feel inspired and motivated. While the style of music varies from person to person, dictated by personal tastes, a study published in a 2007 issue of “Ergonomics” found that exercisers were positively affected by running on a treadmill with loud, fast music versus no music at all when running speed, heart rate and perceived exertion were measured. Find out if loud, fast music is enough to get you moving with a more enjoyable workout overall.


TV Watching

If you have a favorite series that you love to watch on TV, try motivating yourself by only watching it while you are on the treadmill. DVR your show and queue it up so it’s ready when you are, or try watching your favorite show online while you run. Knowing that you have something to look forward to while you’re doing your treadmill workout means you’ll actually be excited to get started — and to find out about that juicy new plot twist on your favorite show.


Timing Yourself

Treadmill workouts can seem long because you’re doing the same action over and over again. When you set your machine for a workout, the treadmill display will probably set a timer that counts toward your goal, such as 30 minutes. But seeing how far away you are from your goal can be disheartening. Instead, try setting a countdown timer on your phone for 10- or 15-minute increments. This can make your workout feel more manageable. Or, if you’re really having motivation issues, tell yourself that you’ll only run for 10 minutes. Chances are that by the time you lace up your shoes and get started, you’ll want to finish a longer workout.


Getting Social

The monotony of a treadmill workout disappears when you convince a friend to work out with you. Invite a buddy and then grab treadmills side-by-side. You can challenge each other for speed or try the same programmed workout. Or you can just make light conversation. By inviting a friend, the workout becomes social and, if you like, adds a competitive challenge to keep you psyched.


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